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06/10/22 11:40 AM #5    

Emery Langmar

How many nails does it take to finally secure the lid of a coffin?  I'm sure the Code of Conduct Team could tell you....

06/11/22 06:32 AM #6    

Brian D'Amato

One, if it's really "finally", meaning the other nails are already hammered down.

This isn't good practice, though, because in the rare case of premature burial it doesn't allow the Departed to escape.  And waking up to find you're underground in a secure box is said to be depressing.

It worries me a bit, though, that your thoughts are running in this direction. Or is it just that you've dispatched some problem individual and now you want to finally make some room in the big freezer in the garage so you can hoard a few hundred pounds of prime rib before the US goes Full Venezuela?  In that case it's all right.

06/11/22 07:39 AM #7    

Brian D'Amato


Regarding the Code of Conduct, I understand that you folks are concerned, as I am, that it doesn't include enough restrictions.  For instance, semiautomatic firearms are not even mentioned, and neither are bagpipes or Furry costumes or a grizzly host of other dealbreaking social abbominations.  Is there any way some of us can submit additions to the Code before the day of the event, so we can be absolutely sure that what should be a joyous occasion is not -- perhaps because of only a single intollerant remark or, worse, a "joke" that could be construed by some as not entirely respectful to one or another soi-disant disempowered identity group in our ThirdReichlicht society -- visited by an uninvited guest, the crimson-oozing Spectre of sheer, unadulterated TERROR, as the hall around us crumbles and falls -- clutching most of the Class of 1980 groaning and shreiking in its cyclopean granite talons -- deep, deep into the shadow-world of the Pit, that forbidden cthonic warlockdom of unexploreable airless caverns and vast, nameless necropoli bursting with eldritch sepulchres blotched with noctiluminous fungi that exhale noisome, necrophageous fumes, and where unspeakable misbegotten THINGS, beings from a time eons before the age of any fossilzed creatures known to Science, lurk and watch, and hate -- the furtively malevolent Snoods, or the ghastly Were-Uni Godlingofsashimiland, bristling with rippling, skittering, probing Hermes-orange spines that drip lethal venom and, as it sucks itself toward you across the ancient cobblestones, leaving a trail of glowing green tongue-burning wasabi -- or, if you're REALLY really unlucky, if you're just totally game-overly SCREWED FROM GO, the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathowhateveritsgoldangfelchingface.  Please respond before it's too late. 

Apprehensively, BD'A

06/11/22 11:01 AM #8    

Emery Langmar

I have a wood chipper, so the freezer's never full of that stuff....

One nail to secure peace of mind.  You'd think a math teacher could have figured that out without the help of an artist.   But I've always been dumb (Can I even say that even if I'm referencing myself?). Thanks Brian!

Brevity being the soul of wit then, let's finally add: And the rest is silence!


06/11/22 12:12 PM #9    

Mel Hill

Bravo Brian!

06/11/22 01:28 PM #10    

David Buzard

Where is Ashimiland? 

06/11/22 05:37 PM #11    

Brian D'Amato

Thanks for the question.  It's "Sashimiland", and it's in Onaminutaramen Prefecture between Bougie-Yama and the Suicide Forest of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

06/12/22 02:31 AM #12    

Thomas Morrow

Brian, I am surprised at you.  You missed the most obvious point of all:

Who the heck is going to go to a high school reunion if they can't rehash old antagonisms?  You know, laugh at the guy who thought himself a super-stud now that he is bald and dumpy?  Remind the girl who would not go out with you, who is now on divorce #3 and lost everything to the first two scam artists she married, that she could have done much better?  There are several people in our class I would like to see again (you, for one, Brian), but there are about three times as many I would be as likely to punch in the face, so I guess it is a good thing I am not going....Enjoy yourselves!  For those of you who are curous, still have all the hair (although it went white while I was still in the Army 25 years ago), gotten a bit dumpy and somewhat less of a smartass.  I attribute the last fact to the arrogance that comes with age.  I used to think I was smarter than most of I know I am (present company excluded, of course...)

06/12/22 07:54 PM #13    

David Buzard

Oh. I guess they are pescatarian there, eat a lot of raw fish?

06/13/22 08:54 AM #14    

Peg (Margaret) Parr (Dzubnar)

Hilarious! I concur and I left after one year!

06/13/22 11:22 AM #15    

Brian D'Amato

Hi, David -- my understanding is that the hideous, loathesome beings from the Time Before Time Began that haunt the forbidden nightmarescape beneath us ARE fish, or at least shellfiish.  Or the forgotten ancestors of the shellfish of our own era.  Or something.

06/14/22 10:37 AM #16    

Stefan James ca change, plus c'est la meme chose... (sorry that my cedille and circonflexe are not working here)




06/14/22 12:02 PM #17    

Blair Tinkle

I read the Code of Conduct. Kudos to the Department of Redundancy Department. 

06/15/22 09:59 AM #18    

Thomas Morrow

From Lovecraftian to grammar coach, truly the Renaisance man, BD'A!

Even if we kept the visits short, we still haven't gotten around the rhinoplasty sans (French!  Just like Stefan!  Only my cedille's and circumflexes do work....see! Ça  Hôtel) anesthetia issue. 

06/15/22 07:39 PM #19    

Peter Lacey

I want to send my regrets to all of the class of 1980 attending the reunion. I wish I could be there.

I especialy want to thank all those who have given so much of their time and energy to organize this event for the sole purpose of my (our) enjoyment. I'm not sure I would have done everything the way you all did, but I also recall receiving a request to volunteer -- which I declined.  So, today, all I have to offer is my gratitude, which is immense. You're good people doing all of us proud. 

06/15/22 10:51 PM #20    


Catherine Licata (Bender)

To all my 1980 classmates... Have a great life.


06/16/22 10:26 AM #21    

Lawrence Korn (Korn)

I want to echo Peter's thoughts here. I won't be able to make it either, due to legal commitments (I get the ankle moniter of in December) but I truly appreciate the time, efforts, and energy the organizers have put into making this reunion an enjoyable vent for all who attend.  I have nothing but respect and admiration forthose who have toiled away to make this event a great one, and they have my everlasting gratitude.  THANK YOU!!

06/16/22 10:43 AM #22    

Thomas Morrow

Ankle bracelet?  That sounds like a great story, do tell!

06/16/22 11:41 AM #23    

Natalia Nebel

I've enjoyed all the comments, along with the COD, and I'm wondering if we could have a sort of alternative reunion one year with Brian as mc and those of us who can't or won't live up to the code not living up to the code in all our various way and having... fun?

06/17/22 10:46 AM #24    

Lawrence Korn (Korn)

Sorry Tom Morrow, there's no story. I swear that collie totally consented to all those immoral acts. I was framed!

06/17/22 11:07 AM #25    

Brian D'Amato

Incidentally -- yes, and I hope not contradictorily to my reservations about the COC, I want to thank everyone who worked so extremely harrd to make this possible.

06/18/22 02:26 PM #26    

Brian Love

Missing the 40+ check in with other NTE alums from our vantage point as one of 12 apparently in Michigan.  good luck to all who can make, make sure to post a few pictures somewhere (twitter, IG, FB, or the NTE site).  have a good time, dont go too crazy.  

06/19/22 07:34 PM #27    

Kathleen Malone (Leone)

Hi All!  I am so sad to miss the reunion next week.    I hope you all have a wonderful time catching up with each other.   Thank you, everyone who has worked so hard to pull this together.  Liz,  I so appreciate your efforts to keep us all up to date.   I remember High School like it was yesterday.  I remain so appreciative of the incredible education we all received.  I wish I had done a better job staying in touch with more of you.   I am here in the Boston Area and would welcome catching up with any old friends who come this way.   I have several empty rooms as kids graduate and move out!   Stay well, have Fun and Thanks again!   Best, Kathleen Malone Leone

06/20/22 12:56 PM #28    

Colette Kiliany-(Chin)

Thanks for finally having this reunion! As someone who had to leave New Trier TWICE to go live somewhere else, and has now lived many "somewhere else's", I have been looking forward to this 40th reunion for 2 years...I do hope that neither old (unknown to me anyway) rivalries, snipers, or what appears to be a reasonable COC interrupt this event!!! Looking forward to finally connecting with some classmates!

06/30/22 11:20 PM #29    

Elizabeth Kretchmer

This is from Jim Butz, "After talking to a few classmates, I wanted to try to organize a casual golf group for the those NTE alumni in the Chicago area."

Let me know if that would work.

Thanks again!

Jim Butz, CAPS, CRI

(847) 205-9844

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