Classmates Works of Art

This page started with classmates who donated their works of art, design, and literature to our Class Reunion Silent Auction on 6/25/22. We want to continuously showcase them with all of you here.

Please feel free to share your works of art, design, and literature by emailing us a picture to be added to this page.

Barbara Appelbaum

Weezie Kerr Mackey

Brian Love

Sarah Page Wells

"Children" $100 ~ Brush Pens/Pens/Acrylic Paint

"Springtime" $35 ~ Brush Pens/Markers

"Enchanted" $35 ~ Brush Pens/Markers

"Dreaming" $35 ~ Brush Pens/Markers

Elizabeth Galbraith & Ephi Paul

Laura Plumb

Ken Stearns

Tracy Richardson